choreography by Chris Yon
performed by Taryn Griggs and Jeff Larson
sound by Justin Jones and Chris Yon
video by David Bagnall
song written and performed by Karinne Keithley (lyric, vocal) and Nicky Paraiso (music, piano)
lights by Chloe Z. Brown
program zine by Karinne Keithley
diagrams (at left) by Jeff Larson
Commissioned/presented by Dance Theater Workshop, 2008

The phrases, repeated and inverted, gradually take on a hypnotic quality, as if a lifetime of physical language were being distilled into a dozen or so moments.
Gia Kourlas, New York Times

I can’t quite make sense of HUGO. And that’s ok with me. It brings me to a place that is beyond words and beyond sense. This is the place of life’s greatest questions and the most interesting dance.
Aynsley Vandenbrouke, Reflections on Dance

You might end up smiling in satisfaction despite yourself, enchanted by the surprising cohesiveness and coherence of Yon's fragmented movement suite in which "untranslatable and unattachable" nonsequitors subliminally whisper a story that will leave you defenseless. And there's the wonder of dancers Jeff Larson and Taryn Griggs--a kind of arcane, avantgarde Astaire-Rogers, deployed and tightly coordinated by the wildly- imaginative Yon.
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body